Blame the Dishes

Do you realize how much better things would be if we simply had small dishes again? Giant plates, bowls and glasses are to blame for many environmental, financial and health problems of late. They are out of control and need to be reined in a bit.

Clearly, larger dishes require more raw materials to manufacture. It takes more glass to make a 12 inch plate than a 10 inch plate. Larger dishes strain a dishwasher. Fewer fit inside for a standard cycle. This means the dishwasher is run more often resulting in more water usage, higher electricity requirements and an increased level of soaps deposited in the environment. Dishwashers aren’t the only area of the kitchen strained. We now need larger refrigerators, microwaves, tables and cabinets to accomodate the girth of our dishes. The result, of course, is larger kitchens. Larger kitchens lead to larger homes. Larger homes require more energy to sustain and more land space. It’s an ugly cycle.

Actually, it is convenient our need for larger kitchens has resulted in larger homes, as these gigantic plates have also resulted in larger people. In order to maintain a respectable plate to food ratio, we are consuming inordinate amounts of calories. As larger people, we need larger clothes and larger furniture, requiring larger closets and larger rooms. All of this space requires more energy to maintain, more materials to furnish and more toxins to clean. This abundance of food also results in more waste on the part of the consumers. I’m not just talking about wrappers, peels and containers. I’m talking about biological waste, Number 1, Number 2 and methane.

Yikes. Really, how have our dishes been getting away with such behavior. They’ve ballooned our homes and our bottoms. They’ve catapulted us into a diabetes and heart disease epidemic. They’ve encouraged us to weigh down our airplanes and automobiles. Forcing them to belch out more fumes and drink more fuel. They’ve sabotaged our woodlands to make room for our ever enlarging homes. This insanity must be stopped. The only way to break this cycle is to break them. No more of this outlanDISH behavior.

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