My dear husband had one of those moments today where he felt his age. While we were enjoying a bagel and a tea in a local coffee house, our infant daughter was rocking and rolling to the music playing overhead. There were no commercial interruptions, so it was pretty clear the kids working there were supplying the music. Since we will be hitting the road this week for a long drive to Michigan, we thought it would be fun to get information on what album was being played. If we could find it in the store, Olivia would have something to keep her entertained in the car.

When Steve approached the counter, he asked the teenaged girls if they wouldn’t mind telling him what album was on. The look on their faces clearly said…”Huh?” When he went on about how much Olivia likes the music, the connection was finally made. “Oh, you’re talking about my I-Pod music tracks!” Sorry honey, music hasn’t been on albums since Michael Jackson was sorting things out with “Billy Jean.”

One Response to “Huh?”

  1. Holly says:

    albums? what’s an album?
    Try asking a 17-year old about “45s” and see what confusion runs across their face!