To the Women in the Hagerstown Shoney’s

I washed my hands.  Really, I did.  There was a separate sink in the handicapped stall and I washed them there.  Promise.  There was no need to look at me as if my mother didn’t raise me right.  Surely you saw me wiping my hands with the brown paper towel.  What use would I have of the towel if it weren’t to dry my freshly washed hands?  And you must have noticed my germ-phobic self using the towel to pull open the restroom door.  How likely is it a woman who won’t lay her hands on a public door handle would waltz out of a restroom without a date with soap and water?

One Response to “To the Women in the Hagerstown Shoney’s”

  1. Amsterdamn says:

    Oh, I could tell you stories about the men’s restroom. It would curl your hair. Unless your hair is already curly, then it would straighten it.