Are We Numb?

Another child was found murdered today. As a mom, I feel incredible sadness. Naturally, I am also terrified I may someday find myself living a nightmare of someone else’s doing. Anger and shock aren’t really reactions I can claim, however. They definitely aren’t the first emotions I notice. This scares me a bit. Adding to the concern is my belief I am not alone. Society seems a bit numb and interest in these cases has a tabloid feel.

When I read commentary on recent headlines relating to child abductions and murders, the anger I do detect is often directed at parents and why they weren’t doing a better job of watching their children. Huh? Sure, it is important to be attentive parents. However, who under Earth’s blue sky has any justifiable excuse for laying their hands on and harming another person’s child? Who?!!! I don’t care how unattentive a parent is being (okay, I care, but not as it relates to assigning anger here). When does a parent’s lapse in judgment justify the killing or abuse of a child and nullify the need to direct 100% of our anger at the monsters who have commited these acts? Never. Never!

I think it is time for us to find our anger so we can direct it at the individuals in our society who are truly doing harm. When we are more upset by a mistake with our drive-thru hamburger or a car in front of us that hasn’t noticed the light has turned green, we definitely need to reset ourselves a bit.

One Response to “Are We Numb?”

  1. Holly says:

    Very well said. I totally agree.
    How sad is it that you can’t run into your house for 30 seconds to grab a ringing phone as your children are playing in their own yard. Not for fear of them getting hurt, but that some sociopath has been waiting for that opportunity for mom to lose 100% focus on her child for 30 seconds.
    What a horrible parent to lose sight of your child for that long?!?
    What has happened to us that we can’t have that much safety anymore?