I Guess It’s True

The last few weeks of pregnancy are meant to be miserable so you mentally lose any concern over what it might take to get the baby out. Two weeks from today I am scheduled to deliver my son via c-section. I am not a fan of hospitals or surgery. As of this very moment, I would hop up on that operating table with a smile and thank you cards in hand.

I keep hearing from friends and strangers how small I am for this stage of pregnancy. Small? The other day I had to change parking spaces because I couldn’t get the driver’s side door of my van open far enough for me to fit through. I ended up parking way out where there were no other cars near by. Yeah, I’m one tiny broad.

It is exciting to know I will be meeting David soon. I really am looking forward to holding him. He must be getting excited too. Lord knows he hasn’t been able to sleep for weeks! Poor guy tosses and turns all day and night. His nerves must be working him a bit too. The endless pacing is a dead give away. Nothing I do, no position I wiggle into seems to help. I’m sure once he’s born he will sleep non-stop for the first few months just to catch up on his rest. That’s a possibility, right? C’mon, say yes.

4 Responses to “I Guess It’s True”

  1. beth says:

    I would be like you- hoping and praying the little guy sleeps.

    I’m sure I’ll say it again before the big day but best wishes and all!

  2. mandi says:

    Lisa I am rigth there with you! I also am very afraid that Noah is not going to know how to sleep, this boy never stays still. Very different than meredith already!

  3. Amsterdamn says:

    Five words: St. Joseph’s Valium for Children

  4. Susan says:

    Hang in there hun! I remember just how long those last few weeks seemed, and I didn’t have the green monster visiting me like you do.

    It’s funny how everyone seems to have an opinion of what the right belly size is. I was told more than once that I looked like I was having twins. I suppose that’s still better than when my oldest told me he never saw my butt that big before.