The Secret is Out!

It’s official. No one can keep a secret anymore. Even the world’s most well known self-professed secret keeper is spilling her guts these days. Ah, Victoria. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Clearly you tried. For years you’ve been practically bursting at the seams with all of your private information. A girl can only hold it in so long. I really thought all of the well placed straps and ribbons would help. I guess everyone has their limits though. Again, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Now that you are getting it all off of your chest, however, I do wish you would rethink where you choose to let it all hang out. Shouting it from the mountain tops might be a better idea than baring your soul, and whatever else, in the large display windows at the mall. I mean, it can be chore to get around the large cluster of teenage boys who have taken such a keen interest in all of your secrets. And they say women are the ones who like to gossip. Ha!

One Response to “The Secret is Out!”

  1. Jessica says:

    OK – I am just reading this now…long after you posted it. And, I totally agree. If you want to show your stuff – fine. Do so to those who want to see it. But don’t put it in the window where children can view it.

    Good job Lisa.