Sneakers On My Thighs

The cosmetic industry has given me a great idea.  I’ve noticed in recent advertisements they have started adding the things we should be eating in our diet for healthier skin to our make-up.  Now, instead of eating right to look good, we just have to smear what we need on our face.  I’m sure it really works, too.  Like, totally dude.  How great.  That garbage in – garbage out warning we all heard as children has been nullified.  We can eat whatever we want and still look great.

If skin can look great with some simple topical love the same should be true for other parts of my body.  Don’t you think?  Instead of exercising, I’m going to tie sneakers to my thighs to help melt away my remaining baby weight.  This rocks.  Now I have time to watch some more television and type on my computer.  Mmmmm, me thinks I’ll call for a pizza too.

One Response to “Sneakers On My Thighs”

  1. beth says:

    I have seen this and have never bought into it but somebody must.
    Hope you are feeling good. I see you still have your sarcastic side. Heehee.