About Use Your Wisdom

To explain how Use Your Wisdom came to be, I have to tell you about my Australian friend Helen. Helen and I have a cyber friendship that developed when our paths crossed on a website for families with children who have vascular birthmarks. Helen’s son and my daughter both have lip hemangiomas that cause a bulging of the lip area and discoloration. As new parents, we both have had to learn how to effectively deal with people’s reactions to our children’s appearance. The seemingly endless stares, comments, questions and advice wear the mind. It is hard to find anything that evokes a more emotional and personal reaction than someone making a comment about your child. In our journey together, Helen and I have helped each other to see when we are responding to the reactions of others with emotion and when we are responding with wisdom. Helen has a habit of saying “I used my wisdom today.” I love it when she says that. It’s an acknowledgement that how we react to situations is a choice. We can pull from emotions, which may or may not be based in reason or we can pull from our wisdom. I’d like to use this site to have a little fun and explore different ways to look at everyday situations…using our wisdom.