Mystery Solved

I’ve been scratching my head over what seems to be a decline in the maturity of some of my peers. It’s silly things like snarky back-talk, references to popularity, name calling, foot stomping and generally rude behavior. The mystery to me was what the catalyst to this behavior could be. I don’t believe these individuals were always immature. What could cause a person to regress to their teenage years? Why do I often feel I am back in high school again? It hit me all of the sudden this morning.

You know how when people move to a new area they gradually pick up the local accent? My uncle grew up in Michigan and now speaks with a Kentucky drawl. Madonna also grew up in Michigan and now has a British accent. Accents aren’t the only thing to change. The language we choose can be altered by new places too. After 3 years in Texas, I would occasionally comment on something I was “fixin” to do.

Think about the above. As a result of the internet, more and more adults are spending huge amount of times with online social groups. Many groups (MySpace, Facebook) were originally created by younger people for younger people. Because of this, more adults are actually in environments where teen behavior plays a dominant role. Is it a huge leap some might eventually start talking and acting like teenagers? It seriously makes sense to me.

I confess I have a MySpace and Facebook account. I haven’t done anything with my Facebook account. In truth, I have no clue how it works. My MySpace account has been used to find old friends and post my blog. That’s really all I know how to do there too. Perhaps it is a good thing I’m clueless as to how some of this stuff works. A majority of my time is still spent with adults. I hope that makes me immune to acting like a teenager again any time soon.

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