Speaking of MySpace

A few weeks ago I posted how MySpace might be contributing to the decline of some of my peers’ social skills. It wasn’t a random comment. Friends of mine have recently become the target of silly, sophomoric, harassment campaigns. MySpace has been the vehicle of choice for much of this ridiculous behavior. The offenders aren’t pimply faced teenagers, but grown women with children. Most of the antics have been harmless. They have mostly served to highlight the immaturity of those behind this nonsense.

Of course, since initial efforts to get a reaction have failed, those involved keep trying to take things up a notch. It’s not unlike a toddler who throws himself on the floor kicking and screaming when seeking attention. A few pranks last week went far enough some actually had to contact MySpace for intervention and advice. Guess what? The site designed by young people primarily for young people actually has a very mature way of dealing with cyber harassment. Turns out nothing on MySpace is truly private. MySpace understands how vulnerable internet communities are to misuse and cooperates fully with law enforcement and attorneys. Way to go MySpace! It is reassuring to know if any behavior is truly out of line, my friends won’t have to move mountains to take action.

I still believe MySpace’s environment can turn some adults into teenagers; however, I applaud MySpace for being prepared when that indeed happens.

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