It’s Not What You Say…

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” We’ve all heard that before. So true when it comes to cable news channels these days. What is actually being said is lost on me because I’m so distracted by the ballooning lips of the female commentators and anchors. Don’t get me wrong. I have full lip envy just like many women. The Angelina Jolie’s of this world with their full-figured smackers are definitely blessed, in my opinion. There is something lacking and slightly freaky, however, when mini-mouths try to join the club. They are easy to spot. Their inexperience with large lips is highlighted by the decision to dress up those collagen pillows with heavy gloss and liner. Oh man! Coupled with the growing trend to whiten their teeth to a white Clorox can’t even achieve, the overall affect is so gripping I often rely on the commercials to break my trance.

I wonder how many women will seek out enhancement as more television personalities establish plumped pouters as the norm? I know I won’t. Or shall I say I can’t. I’m too cheap and we are doing what we can to watch our spending. There simply isn’t room in the budget to double or triple my lipstick/lip balm expenses.

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