Stuck in the Middle

Our new neighborhood has impressive lawns. Most are landscaped to the nines. Our neighbors on either side of us both rely on a lawn service for weekly cuttings. They use the same company, actually. Every Tuesday their lawns are freshly trimmed with a machine that leaves their grass looking like it belongs on the fairway of an exclusive golf resort. This happens whether or not the grass really needs to be cut. As a result, our lawn ends up looking like the fairway rough. It is noticeably longer and lacks the fresh mowing lines that create the amazing linear patterns our neighbors have. We cut our own lawn with a push mower as needed. If the grass hasn’t grown much, it seems like a waste of time and energy (literally) to mow. We’d be doing it for the sake of having pretty lines on our lawn. So, it is fair to say we will likely be known as “that house with the meadow for a front yard” to our neighbors. Never mind our grass isn’t long enough to feed even one cow. Ooh, maybe we should really let it grow and invest in a little milker of our very own.

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