Thank You Donald

Isn’t it nice Donald Trump is rescuing Ed McMahon from the mortgage crisis. It wasn’t long ago when Mr. Moneybags was struggling with debt himself. It’s nice to know he has a long memory and is willing to help others as others helped him.

The Donald’s generosity couldn’t have come at a better time. My stomach was suffering the ills of watching Ed parade around in a neck brace while looking for someone to sue is troubles away. Such a shame. If news reports are to be believed, the 70-something entertainer’s financial woes were the result of a slip and fall injury that left him unable to work. A snotty person might mention someone of his age and with his past income should have had a financial plan that didn’t rely on him working at this point, but I’ll leave my snotty self out of this conversation and move on.

Now that Mr. McMahon’s crisis is over it is a lot less likely we will have to endure watching him as the poster boy for the mortgage crisis. I doubt he will fade from the spotlight completely. Aflac should do its level best to sign him on as their next spokesperson. Lord knows there had to of been days over the past year when ole Eddie boy wished he had listened to that damn duck.

2 Responses to “Thank You Donald”

  1. Tricia says:

    Hah! I think the duck may be a little more picky about who he spends his time with :o)

  2. greeny says:

    Funny post. I love your sarcasm…it’s was sarcasm, right? Hehe