It seems world leaders are either full of (bleep) or have (bleep) for brains. As if all of the (bleep) we are sifting through in the Middle East isn’t enough to keep us all busy, now we all have to (bleep) bricks over Russia’s turn in the “I’m big, bad and full of mad” chair. I’m not talking about the Georgia/Russia mess. The (bleep) I’m referring to at the moment is Russia’s threat to nuke Poland over their cooperation in the United State’s Nuclear Shield program. Never mind the interceptor hasn’t demonstrated the ability to hit (bleep) anyway. I would equate it to spitting on a raging fire. Doesn’t matter. It’s a convenient opportunity to get pissy. Of course, Poland need only worry about an attack if Russia finds it necessary to launch against the US. Poland will be included as a target at that point. Considering we would all be up (bleep) creek the minute one Super Power decides to nuke another I think it is fair to say “who gives a (bleep) anyway.”

One Response to “Bleep”

  1. Tricia says:

    Interestingly, Poland wasn’t all that excited to sign until Russia decided to turn her schoolyard bullying tactics toward Georgia. If I were Poland, I’d be looking West, too. Now I seem to remember all the media claiming an end to the cold war quite a while ago… oh, but wait, was that all (bleeping) hype. What is Russia thinking? Wait. I know … here comes the USSR.