It’s Just Nature

Have you heard the story of the old man who kept trying to lean over and pass gas while seated on a sofa?  His caretaker kept thinking he was tipping over and would prop him back up with a pillow so he could sit up straight.  This went on for an entire day and when the old man’s daughter returned home and asked how his new caretaker did he explained she was nice and all, but she wouldn’t let him fart.

That story popped into my head this morning when I realized I was doing the same thing to my son that the caretaker was unknowingly doing to the old man.  She was getting in the way of nature and thinking she was doing him a favor.  My son’s issue isn’t with farting.  He pulls that off with ease.  When it comes to nature for him, he has a deep need to put himself in danger.  Simply put, my son likes to fall.  He likes to press the limits.  He has no problem stumbling and needing to pick himself up again.  Like the caretaker, I run around after my son while surrounding him with as many pillows as possible.  It’s created an interesting dynamic as we are both increasingly frustrated with one another.  I’m frustrated he can’t see I’m trying to keep him safe and he is frustrated I am replacing adventure with cushions and sterile environments.

It is clear to me we need a compromise.  I need to find a way to embrace his nature while making sure he comes out on the otherside unscathed.

2 Responses to “It’s Just Nature”

  1. Tricia says:

    When you find this kernel of knowledge, please share it! I struggle with this still. My son will be 5 in February, and I struggle not to hover and put him in a padded room. Last summer he broke his femur and spent the summer in a full body cast. It was rather traumatic and I realize we’ve become more protective because of the incident. We’re trying to back off…

  2. Jen says:

    Pia’s this way as well. I’ve really had to curb my “helicoptering” because she needs that freedom – it’s just her personality. I take care of the super dangerous stuff and try to let her explore on her own (she’s forever hurting herself). But man nothing breaks your heart like a hurt babe!