The attorney of the disgraced Governor of Illinois is arguing the wiretaps that captured the esteemed Blagojevich’s finest moments were illegal.  Ah, okay.  So we now know the Governor is a corrupt idiot, but we aren’t supposed to know, so we should just play dumb and move forward?  You’d have to be a real winner to be comfortable remaining in office with the argument “I may really be an idiot, but since you didn’t prove it in a legal way, I am in the clear.”  Good grief.  He want’s the good people of Illinois to support him on a technicality?  Puhhhhleeeeeeez.  Face it Blagojevich, your political career is in the can.  Whether or not you can be held accountable for a crime, it’s time to bow out gracefully.  Have some dignity.  Start a new life in Vegas as a Travolta impersonator. You clearly like pretending to be someone important.

One Response to “Puhhhhleeeeeeez”

  1. Tricia says:

    What ever happened to shame? Since he obviously has none, the new Vegas career you’re proposing should be an easy transition for him.