You Know Those Commercials

You know those commercials for exotic vacation islands where beautiful couples are frolicking in sand and water?  Yeah, makes me not want to go.  Seriously.  How many women do you know who want to spend buckets of money to relax on a beach with women who could double as models for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition?  Not me.  I’m smart enough to realize I’m not magically going to transform into a bathing goddess when I don a swimsuit on one of these beaches.  To the contrary.  The bright natural light will likely wash me out, expose cellulite I’ve been in denial over and negate whatever slimming effect my suit has on my post baby belly.  Based on the commercials, it is fair for the real person to assume they’d stick out like a sore thumb.  Not exactly my idea of blending into the scenery while on vacation.

More advertisements than ever are parading uber flawless people in front of the general consumer.  Many have been bronzed, airbrushed and tweaked beyond any possible reality.  Those of us who are, how should I say it, normal, are left feeling like shabby disgraces to humanity.  Lord help us that we need publications like the Enquirer, a tabloid known for fabrication, in order to see real photos of people’s dimpled buns, mashed potato upper arms and dark circled eyes.  There has been some push back to get advertisers to promote realistic images.  A few are bending.  Not enough though.  Maybe to get more on board those of us who don’t look like the people in the ads should sit on our wallets and wait.  Advertisers may not like how we look at the moment, but I know they like the look of our cash.

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