Don’t you hate it when you are eating a juicy burger and a drop of grease lands on your shirt? Once it hits the fabric, it is there for life. I’ve tried all sorts of things to get grease stains out. I’ve flushed the stain with water, scrubbed it in pre-soak and washed it in whatever detergent is bragging to be the best on stains. The stain often prevails. Pesky, aren’t they?

Considering I’ve lost the battle against grease stains for years, you’d think it would occur to me grease is pretty durable and hard to get rid of. If caustic chemicals can’t clean it out of cotton, how are enzymes and water supposed to clean it out of my body? I mean, I can throw the shirt out and buy a new one at Target. Last I checked, Target wasn’t stocking its shelves with livers, hearts and arteries.

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