What Are You?

What are you when you believe in God, or at least want to, but find most of organized religion to be riddled with man made propaganda designed to justify unkind or unequal treatment of others? My heart, soul and mind is so torn. Everyday I find myself more disconnected from religion. It makes me uncomfortable because it feels like I’m also admitting a disconnection from God or the idea of God. I can’t be alone in this? I can’t be the only one who looks at the Church and feels it doesn’t fit with a reasoning and loving God.

When you consider the power held by mankind to use the fear of eternal damnation to sway public opinion, it’s hardly improbable humans, through the course of time, have succumbed to temptation and made their word, God’s Word. I can’t imagine the Big Guy being pleased.

Mortal contamination is the one thing that makes sense to me. It would be the logical explanation for why God, who has got to be the ultimate big picture guy, would push such small minded ideology.

If God would be so kind as to knock out a new set of stone tablets and clear up some modern day confusions, I’d be very appreciative. Probably the reason He hasn’t done it is He knows we’d brand anyone claiming to have found a message from God a lunatic. Guess it’s a good thing all of the Biblical stuff went down in a time when people were more open minded.

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