Because I Don’t Wanna

“Because I don’t wanna” is my daughter’s favorite response when I ask her why she hasn’t done something. As much as it makes me want to throttle her three year old self at times, I can’t help but appreciate her blunt honesty. So often that is the reason most people don’t do things. They simply don’t feel like it. The motivation or desire isn’t there. Admitting that doesn’t exactly paint a person in a positive light so adults have learned through the course of time to blame one’s inaction on other people or on circumstances/obstacles in one’s environment. The effort to mask the truth is so successful at times, people actually end up believing the excuses they’ve come up with and completely lose sight of the role not wanting to do things may be playing in their lives.

I put a great deal of value in being honest to the people around me. That said, I still find myself on the excuse train from time to time when I know full well I am the one to blame. Though bending the truth may have spared my ego, it certainly didn’t do me any favors in the long run. We’ve all been taught honesty is the best policy. It is indeed important to be honest with others. More so, it is important to be honest with ourselves.

4 Responses to “Because I Don’t Wanna”

  1. Tricia says:

    Yes, I know I need to start exercising again. That’s what you’re talking about, right!

    Being honest with myself is in fact more difficult for me than being honest with other people, which seems ridiculous when I say it out loud.

    The writing project I’m working on requires many people to be honest with themselves and it’s incredibly challenging and some can’t embrace the freedom it allows.

  2. lisa says:

    It does give you freedom, doesn’t it Tricia. Lies are bricks that, over time, stack up to be a tall wall to have to climb over.

  3. Tricia says:

    Psssttt…something at my place for you.

  4. I think it’s sometimes easier to be honest with everyone else rather than ourselves. Thanks for stopping by my place. Come back soon. :)