Got a Quarter?

I love to network and meet people. By profession, I am a third party recruiter (a.k.a. – headhunter) of accountants. Any recruiter will tell you the importance of meeting people and getting your name out there. Friends often spy me at different events passing out business cards and negotiating for speaking opportunities. Many times the events have nothing to do with accountants. For example, I participate in a group that caters to technical writers. Why do this? You just never know who the person you are networking with is connected to professionally and personally. Very rarely is my initial contact the one I end up working with. Often times it is the friend, spouse, cousin or coworker of that contact.

I frequently speak to groups of job seekers and try to drive home the importance of networking to find employment. When I quiz attendees, I often find a belief it is a waste of time to circulate with individuals who are not hiring managers while on a job hunt. Many look disappointed when I reveal I primarily place accountants. The non accountants in the room have a look of “great, this is going to be a complete waste of my time.” Never mind the library of contacts I have from various walks of life and professions. It’s so easy to write people off based on general assumptions of what they may or may not be able to do for you. It is equally tempting to chase relationships with people you feel will directly benefit you and overlook the fact others may be able to offer more help indirectly than some are able to extend directly. I try to impress upon people you should view others as a scratch off lottery ticket. It’s impossible to tell if the ticket holds a prize if you don’t take time to grab a quarter and remove the layers that hide the answer. Passing up an opportunity to get to know someone new based on an assumption they couldn’t possibly be of any benefit is just like throwing away a scratch lottery ticket before scraping away the gray matter.

2 Responses to “Got a Quarter?”

  1. Why not propose a business book to a publisher, Lisa? You are intelligent, articulate and connected!!

  2. lisa says:

    Kris, I would love to write a book of some sort. I have a few ideas for children’s books outlined. I’m thinking adults might be my better audience though. I’ve been struggling with what topic I might be able to write about in a way that would interest others. This Blog will hopefully help me get ideas on what I naturally like to write about. The business stuff is good. I have several strategies I’ve used over the years thay may interest others. The challenge is to find a message that hasn’t been beaten to death already and deliver it in a way that is unique.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! It really is appreciated.