When It’s Bad To Get Lucky

Thanks to a few dear friends of mine (Erin and Suzanne, cough…cough) I am officially hooked on Starbuck’s Peppermint Mochas. So very yummy. Because of the calories, I do my best not to order anything larger than a Grande (medium). During a recent trip to Starbuck’s I was handed a Venti (large) sized cup. Turns out they were out of Grande sized cups and were providing Ventis without charging more. As much as I wanted to celebrate my good fortune, I knew this wasn’t necessarily a good situation. The calorie count in a Grande probably counts for 2 meals. A Venti might as well come with a warning to anticipate needing a larger clothing size.

Because I consider myself a smart woman capable of keeping my head in difficult situations, I felt confident I could muster the discipline to avoid polishing off the entire mocha. It would be silly to be proactive and dump some out ahead of time. Besides, wouldn’t taking the lid off change the temperature? Luke warm mochas aren’t so good. I’d probably end up throwing the entire thing out and that would be a terrible waste. No, I carried on with the confidence my jean size was not in jeopardy. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So, as I type this Blog with my top button undone, I want to offer some advice to the weak and weary. Know the limits of your self control. There is no fault in admitting when you may be in over your head. A false sense of confidence is dangerous. What’s done is done. I will say, a luke warm mocha probably would have been more appealing to me than a hot gym.

4 Responses to “When It’s Bad To Get Lucky”

  1. reeveslady says:

    Hmmmmm, you better start typing Lisa, lol!

  2. Amsterdamn says:

    Coffee, black.

    Oh, and 6 Hostess Chocolate Donettes.

  3. lisa says:

    Ah, I like the chocolate ones too Amsterdamn. My twin always wanted the powdered. Usually go for black coffee, but Peppermint Mochas aren’t about coffee. They are liquid dessert plain and simple.

  4. Amy says:

    I stay away from Starbucks, too many other expensive/calorie laden vices! And I am too stubborn to stand in line..