Of Course I’m Smarter

There is no way my 8 month old daughter is smarter than me. I could totally prove my intellectual superiority if I felt the need. It’s the nurturing mother in me that wants to afford her the opportunity to flex her cranial muscles and outwit me from time to time. What better gift can we give our children than confidence. In any event, it’s not like it’s an every day occurance. I mean, we are talking rare. To suggest this 20 pound bundle of infancy is running the show would be outrageous! Clearly I am the one in charge. I mean, I’m 35 and 5 times her weight. (okay…6 1/2) How is it possible for her to push me around and out smart me? The concept is ridiculous. Pure and simple. It is, right? Right?!!!

4 Responses to “Of Course I’m Smarter”

  1. Holly says:

    well, actually….I do think that an 8 month old can be smarker than a 30-something mommy. I know Kaden has control over several of us. It happens when you have smart, adorable children sometimes, I guess.

  2. Holly says:

    LOL…smarter, not smarker.

    see what I mean!

  3. mandi says:

    what did miss olivia do to outsmart her mommy?????

  4. Amy says:

    I’m afraid from my experience (3 kids), the smaller and cuter they are the more weight they pull!