President Bush vetoed a Bill today that would have made it easier to achieve funding for stem cell research. He reasoned it is unethical to ask tax payers to fund the destruction of human life. The interesting thing is, tax payers fund the destruction of human life every day. Of course, we hope it is contributing to the greater good of society. We fund wars that drop bombs on and fire bullets into our human enemies. We fund airfare that is necessary to transport the brave men and women of the armed forces into danger zones where some will lose their life. We fund the housing and eventual execution of federal inmates who have committed heinous crimes.

I am not interested in starting a debate on the rights and wrongs of military operations and capital punishment. The concern over not involving the tax payer in the destruction of human life simply made me scratch my head a bit.

2 Responses to “Ethical?”

  1. Holly says:

    Ditto that!

  2. Amsterdamn says:

    It would be great to stem Bush and put him in a cell.