WANTED – Peeping Toms

Honestly, I don’t think I can take one more news story where a child has been left in a hot car all day by mistake.  It is too much to bear.  My mind can’t piece together how this even happens.  I try not to judge because I imagine the parent who left the child is beyond insane with guilt over their child’s torturous death.  Beating him or her up with “how could you” remarks solves nothing.  It does strike me that these kids are often dying in parking lots.  This means even if a parent has done the unthinkable and overlooked their child, there is still a chance at saving a child if we all really start getting vigilant about checking out other people’s cars.  I have turned into a Peeping Tom, of sorts, and I invite others to join me.  When I go through the course of my day, I am forever paying attention to the cars around me.  I am on the look out for pets and children.  It doesn’t take but a second to give a section of parking lot a quick once over.  If we all did this, we would cover an amazing amount of ground on a daily basis.

2 Responses to “WANTED – Peeping Toms”

  1. Amsterdamn says:

    That’s a good idea. I was one of six kids. I remember my parents leaving me behind at the store when I was 8 years old. I just waited outside for about a half an hour, then they came back and got me. We didn’t have cell phones back then, or I would have called them.

  2. Holly says:

    That’s a great idea.
    It still amazes me how many people leave children in their cars. Every summer, there are countless warnings and stories, yet people continue to do it. I would like to hope it’s not an intentional decision.