Blah, Blah, Blog, Blah, Blah

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for noticing I haven’t been around. Though I haven’t been writing, I have kept up with feeding my fish. You can see they still look just as purdy as ever.

As of today I have 6 1/2 more weeks until my son (AND MY LAST CHILD) is delivered by c-section. David Frank will join us on, if not before, November 19th. Boy am I looking forward to that blessed event. Not only will I get to meet my little boy, I will no longer be pregnant ever again. I love my daughter and I know I will be just as happy to be David’s mom. I am way too old for this pregnancy stuff though. I constantly feel like a frat boy must on a Sunday morning after a long night of partying. Ugh.

There have been so many things to write about I have missed out on. Such a shame. Almost as criminal as the people I could have poked fun at. I assure you my blog is not abandoned. In fact, I might try to motivate myself to fire a few bits off before the big day.

4 Responses to “Blah, Blah, Blog, Blah, Blah”

  1. Holly says:

    There you are!!!
    Wow – November 19th! That’s coming up quick. Probably not quick enough from the sound of it!

  2. beth says:

    We will wait with anticipation!
    Glad to know you are still aware of your surrounding! I was wondering when you might post again.
    Take care.

  3. b says:

    We have been thinking about you, Livvy and David. Take good care. Sending all of you good vibes (not contractions, David)…

  4. Jenny says:

    Aww (((Lisa))), I was thinking about you! I never see ya around anymore :O( I do really miss you lots. Why is it the best people don’t post enough or not at all? Sigh…
    I want to hear all about Olivia and David (perfect names by the way, but you already know that) and oh, gosh… Lisa! Now that’ you’re near the end & getting pretty much trapped by pregnancy girth (rofl~ like my word choice?)~ do ya think you could write more often? You’re one of the few INTERESTING people!

    I felt much the same when I was having Brooke. I said “this is it! Fun as this has been, I know my limits.” I love babies and motherhood, but pregnancy just wasn’t my cup of tea and I felt much too old for it. Now the new baby part… oh that’s where the real fun is. Olivia is going to just love the big sister gig!