The Parent Report Card

CNN is running a report right now on a school district attempting to implement a basic report card for parents. It is actually more of a checklist. The school will record if the child is receiving breakfast prior to the start of school (either at school or home), is dressed properly, is arriving to school on time and ready for the day, etc. These are very basic things. The PTA for the district appears to be fighting the initiative. There is some concern the checklist isn’t fair to parents. Not fair to parents?!!! Parents do know their job description, right? There are a few things that may qualify as ‘optional’ in the grand scheme of things, but feeding and dressing your children and getting them to school seems as though it should be in the mandatory column to me.

I say bravo for parent report cards. Schools and kids get report cards all of the time. Why not the parents? They are crucial to the equation. If parents aren’t doing their part, it seems likely the students and schools are already starting at a severe disadvantage. Gee, I wonder why the public school system is in crisis?

4 Responses to “The Parent Report Card”

  1. Holly says:

    I think it’s a great idea! Checking up on parental responsibility. It’s only fair.

  2. Holly says:

    The parents who find it annoying are the same ones that blame the school system for something wrong with their kids. (Can you tell I was a teacher in a former life)

  3. Adverbia says:

    Sounds like a logistical nightmare to me. Wait till parents in ugly divorces figure out how to use it against each other, or the first time DCF tried to remove a kid based on it, Or when children use it against their parents. At some point, I think people need to really question what their role is and wha the end result will be. I believe there is every intention of doing what is best for the kids, but you’re just giving overworked underpaid teachers ONE MORE THING to do.

  4. lisa says:

    I hear your point, Adverbia. And it makes me ill to think parents would use it as a tool in divorce. You are likely right. Good grief. How much more are parents going to stack the deck against their kids in order to get even with an ex or have their way? It seems kids rarely come first anymore where it counts. It is argued they come first in court, but is that really true? People think they are putting their kids first because they ply them with toys, freedom and junk that fills the void of parental time and protect them from accountability when they have made poor decisions in life.

    I think the unfortunate truth is teachers will absorb the brunt of it no matter what angle it comes from. Whether it is attempting to educate children who are not prepared for school in even the basic sense (food, clothing, homework, rest) or attempting to engage parents in their expected roles, the teachers will likely find themselves in a frustrating and hard to win position. I think teachers need to decide where they would rather direct their energy. Would they rather attempt to engage the parents or would they rather accept that isn’t going to happen and put the energy towards trying to make these kids successful without the proper launch pad from home. Neither is easy.