Hurting Themselves

It seems to me strikers harm themselves more than anyone else. So the writers are putting their foot down and saying they will not contribute to the Golden Globe Awards Show. They have also garnered support from nominated actors who are vowing not to attend the event in support of the striking writers. This may sound harsh, but who else is left to even care if the Globes happen or not? I can’t even remember the last time I watched an awards show or heard of anyone else I know watching one. I suspect the television audience for the Globes is already lean. Should the show not air this year, it could result in the remaining audience discovering they can do without just fine.

I’m not writing this post to say I don’t support the writers’ push to have a fair cut of DVD sales and the like. Writers are the backbone of all that entertains us and deserve compensation whenever their work is used. That said, I think striking and grinding in one’s heels often leaves those trying to make a point at a disadvantage.

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