Are You Okay To Drive

Last weekend I overheard my neighbors asking a person who was leaving their home if he was “okay to drive.”  From the giggles and loud banter, it wasn’t hard to guess alcohol had been a part of their day.  Though asking if a person feels able to drive is better than nothing, it seems if one has the urge to pose the question the person on the receiving end probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel.  It’s no secret judgment is compromised by alcohol.  Of course, in situations where everyone has had a few, there really is no one with a clear head to make the right decisions.  The person being asked isn’t of the mind to say he shouldn’t be behind the wheel.  Those questioning  his ability to drive aren’t of the mind to know when a “yes” really should be a “no.”  It really reinforces the importance of electing at least one non-drinker for every occasion.

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