Because God Said So

The Select Quote Life Insurance Company gets a giant eye roll from me today. I happened to catch one of their commercials where a pastor, who does not have life insurance for his family, learns about the death of another pastor who had no benefits to help the family he left behind. It was a “sign” that it was time for him to look into life insurance. Other people from his church recommended Select Quote. He called and was happy to learn he qualified for a $350,000 policy for under $25 a month. It’s amazing how God inserts himself into our daily lives and sends us messages on what we need to do (my words, not theirs). Groan.

Very clever ad campaign. I’m sure some will respond and call Select Quote. It’s God’s will, afterall. It is a bit ironic to see a pastor (or was an actor who plays one on T.V.) promoting life insurance over faith. Not that there isn’t a place for both in life. It did strike me as funny.

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