Last night, while reading a book with my daughter on the couch, I fully realized the meaning of cherishing someone.  It hit me right in the gut and almost made me cry.  I love those types of discoveries kids can provoke.  After I tucked her away for the evening I thought a bit more about my discovery and what it meant for my life and family.  Sounds like it’s gonna get deep, right?  Yep.

On July 22, 2004 I took a vow to love, honor and cherish my husband.  I said the words.  I remember distinctly.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t really lived up to that vow though.  That’s not to say I don’t love my husband.  I do.  But is often feels like “I love you and that’s why I’m not going to kill you for leaving your clothes all over the floor again” type of thing.  It’s no where near the same tug cherish gives you.  I’m a bit thrown by this revelation.  Is there some cherish switch that helps you turn that type of emotion on for your spouse?  I can see how it would be great for a marriage.

One Response to “Cherish”

  1. Tricia says:

    I think you probably just hit the switch.