Leaving On A Jetplane…

10 minutes ago my mother’s plane took off.  She’s heading to the UK for 3 weeks of adventures all by her merry self.  She’s traveled alone before and her confidence and comfort in doing so always amazes me.  I feel out of place just going out to eat by myself, never mind crossing the ocean and canvasing countries.  If you are wondering why she is such a loner, my mother is a widow.  Her old traveling companion was my Great Aunt who is also deceased.  Her remaining friends and family have obligations that don’t allow for the near month vacations she’s come to enjoy.  Instead of letting one of her life’s pleasures die with others, she has found the courage to trust in her ability to go it alone.  I’m proud of her.  It’s not something I could do.  At least, I don’t think so.  I wouldn’t have blamed her one bit if she had chosen to stay at home and experience the world through television and magazines.  Many in her shoes would do just that.  So, I’m giving her a shout out to wish her safe travels and lots of fun filled memories.

One Response to “Leaving On A Jetplane…”

  1. Tricia says:

    Please add my shout to yours. I hope I’m as adventurous and confident as I age. What a wonderful example your moms is!