This Will Probably Sound Dumb

I’m spitting nails mad right now.  As I toss around words to express my angst, well, it all sounds ridiculously silly.  I’m going to give explaining myself a shot though.  Ready?

My husband cleaned the refrigerator.  Not ‘cleaned’, as in scoured, but rearranged the contents and purged what he felt was no longer needed.  I should appreciate the effort, right?  Grrrr.  It’s so not the case.  He did this after a few jabs over how chaotic it had become and jokes over how his mom could help me straighten it out.  I don’t dispute the refrigerator needed some attention.  After time it becomes a condiment cemetery of sorts.  Mind you, the condiments are mostly there to serve the never ending need for my husband and daughter to goop up their foods.  I’m not the condiment junkie in this house.  That’s another topic, however.  What irks me is my husband’s criticism of the space, which I view as mine, while so much of his world is a tornadic mess.  There is something deeply irritating about having a slob point out areas where I could stand to be more organized or tidy.  This is especially true because so much of my time is spent cleaning up after other people, namely kids and husband.  Yes, it is nice to have someone help with what I consider to be my territory from time to time, but for the love of God, take care of your space first.  If the goal is truly to help me, tackle the chaos that is your own.  Sort through the rubble I am unable to make keep or toss determinations on.

So there it is in a nutshell.  I’m mad because my husband pitched in and helped me today.  I told you it sounded ridiculously silly.  I really would like help with things like cleaning the refrigerator (although actually cleaning it, with a sponge and all, would have been a nice touch).  However, I’d have more time to stay on top of my territories if I weren’t spread so thin with keeping up everyone else’s.

One Response to “This Will Probably Sound Dumb”

  1. Tricia says:

    It doesn’t sound silly at all! Actually it sounds like one of the little struggles my husband and I sometimes have as well…where his help actually feels like a huge criticism. I get very territorial as well and when you’re spread thin as you obviously are, any pointing out of something sensitive is hurtful ESPECIALLY when a mom reference is thrown in. Nope, not silly at all!