This Can’t Be Good

“Just don’t put me in the cage, mommy.”  That’s my 2 1/2 year old’s newest thing to throw out when I’m disciplining her.  Lovely.  It joins her other favorites of “don’t be mean to me, mommy” and “don’t hit me, mommy.”  For the record, my daughter has never been in a cage and, with the exception of one diaper padded fanny tap, has never been hit.  Where she gets this stuff from is beyond me.  Part of me wants to giggle at her inventive responses to distract me from calling out her bad behavior.  Another part is scared poo-less she’s going to unload one of these babies at the worst possible time.  My memory is still fresh when it comes to our recent visit to the ER for a split lip.  That was before any of these juicy little nuggets were part of her conversation.  It wasn’t hard to conclude the staff there was asking questions to determine if they were dealing with a childhood accident or abuse.  I can’t imagine what would have happened had Olivia remarked about a cage or me hitting her back then.

Knowing whatever she says casually around the house is destined to make a public appearance, I’m torn over how to handle all of this.  Choice ‘A’ is to ignore it and hope it passes without any fallout.  The problem with choice ‘A’ is my luck doesn’t seem to go that way.  Choice ‘B’ is to tell her why it is important not to say things like that.  The problem with choice ‘B’ is it might actually sound worse if her conversation piece morphs into “my mommy told me I shouldn’t tell you I don’t want her to put me in the cage.”  Never mind having the discussion to begin with just brings the fact she’s got me by the toes to her attention.

Sigh.  Why is it I have to put so much cranial effort into figuring out how to counter my daughter’s clever moves when her strategy comes together effortlessly?

One Response to “This Can’t Be Good”

  1. greeny says:

    I understand your concern! As a parent, we have to watch what we say and do nowadays since people are encouraged to look for suspicious circumstances. What we all have forgotten is normal stuff like split lips and bruises are normal.
    All I would say is what my mom would have told me. Don’t worry about it because if you talked to her about it at two and a half, your little punkin sounds like she would feel your worry and run with it. As a parent, we have to stay one step ahead of our kids and man, is that hard! And no one is going to suspect you! Especially since that cage is week hidden behind that false wall, am I right? ;p
    Good luck on the situations.