Oh Come On!

Yet another Obama nominee is haunted by a substantial tax error.  Good grief.  Now it’s Daschle.  He made several errors that led to him underpaying by over $100K.  That’s some mistake.  Granted, the United States has a complicated tax code.  Legislators are largely to blame for that.  Still, when you have assets and reportable transactions that are significant enough where you managed to underpay 6 figures in taxes, you should have an expert working on your return.  And what about that “gee, turns out I owe much less than I expected” moment?  Come on!

Obama is standing by his nominees and saying the errors were not intentional.  Fine.  Don’t send them to jail for tax evasion.  It should affect their nominations though.  We need people with an eye for detail, a sense when something doesn’t look right and the smarts to call in more knowledgable people to handle things that may be over their heads.

One Response to “Oh Come On!”

  1. Tricia says:

    And the saga continues. Maybe we’ll get a simplified tax code out of all this since so many nominees seem unable to meet the scrutiny. Amazingly disheartening!