Rush To Judgment

Michael Steele blew it. Not when he criticized Rush Limbaugh, but when he caved under pressure and back peddled on his remarks. Rush Limbaugh may be the self-appointed leader of the Republican Party, but it is going to take the Party’s hired leader, Michael Steele, to package the Party in a less extreme way so more voters can identify with and support Republican agendas.

I get that Limbaugh doesn’t want Obama’s policy ideas implemented. He’s unapologetic for saying he wants Obama to FAIL, because he ‘means’ he doesn’t want Obama to succeed in getting things passed. He knows very well his words are being received as if he wants our president to fail in office, as in doing such a poor job the country spirals further downward. Michael Steele was right to call him on his divisive rhetoric. It makes the Republican Party sound petty and unpatriotic. By backing down against Rush and not keeping the goal of gaining more support for the Party at the forefront, Steele has failed miserably in his first challenge. The 30-some percentage of voters who are Rush fans are going to vote Republican no matter what Steele says against him. Those who are not Rush fans and feel he sends the wrong message for the Party and for America aren’t going to be convinced otherwise by Steele if he doesn’t find a way to assert himself and be less of a pundit’s puppet.

Why do I care? The moderate in me hates to see our government so out of balance. Having one party with such overwhelming control is not comforting, no matter which party I may support. The Republican Party owes it to America to get its act together. Too bad it doesn’t look like they’ll accomplish that anytime soon.

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