My Maiden Blog

Many thanks to my wonderful husband who surprised me with my very own blog page. To understand how the name came to be, you’ll need to visit my About page.

Why blog? Writing has always been fun for me. For the past 10 years I have neglected it terribly. In my twenties and early thirties I was more focused on climbing corporate ladders than expressing creative thought. Now I’m thirty-five, a mom and ready to take a moment to get in touch with how I see my world. Blogging is appealing to me because this is my page, for my thoughts. It’s not about debating positions with others. I don’t need to frame the page in a way that appeals to the masses. It’s simply about me and how I want to tackle issues.

Speaking of me, perhaps I should share a little bit about myself. If you asked my friends to describe me, I know many would use the words logical, funny, professional and kind. I hear these words often, so I’m not an ego maniac who has a sunny view of herself. I’m glad people see me this way because I go to great lengths to present myself in that fashion. My mother will tell you I have two core qualities working in my favor. One, I’m courteous. Respecting those who share this world with me is top of the list. It has always been important to me to try to consider how events, words, circumstances effect other people. It’s easy to know how I’m effected. Putting myself in the shoes of others takes effort, but it’s effort well spent. Two, I embarrass easily. That quality forces me to think before I act and speak. Life would have a lot less drama in it if people’s thresholds for embarrassment weren’t so high. Trust me, there is bound to be a post dedicated strictly to this concept in the near future.

So I’m off and blogging. My focus is really going to be to try to find the path of wisdom in everyday circumstances that seem to trip up the masses. Maybe my exploration of topics will help me come to conclusions that will keep my life and relationships on course. What a bonus if others get something out of it too.

6 Responses to “My Maiden Blog”

  1. It's us!! says:

    Woohoo for the maiden voyage on what we’re sure will be a fun ride – and we’ll be tagging along (hope you don’t mind) !!!
    Have fun Hun! Y & G xx

  2. anZel says:

    Great…my mum will have another place to waste her time instead of playing with me…

  3. Tiff & Jax says:

    What a great b’day present! I’m looking forward to your words of wisdom- any life course corrections I can make by way of your logic the better!

  4. Lori & Wyatt says:

    Yes! Now I have something to read at work during lunches! (Aside from where we met….)

  5. Mel & Harry says:

    Guess what the newest addition to our “favourites” list is? :)
    Happy blogging!

  6. Jackie & Elijah says:

    Congrats and have fun! Now I have more things to distract me from doing work at home… Love everything you write….keep up the good work!