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If you are what you eat…

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I probably taste really good with milk.  Dang, I’ve got to start making better choices.  Cookies, chocolate and donuts are big on my list these days.

We’ll Just Do The Money Dance

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I don’t get it. Really, I don’t. The White House is projecting a $482 BILLION deficit for the 2009 budget year. My mind doesn’t even want to do the math to figure out what that would bring our national debt to by the end of that year. McCain isn’t interested in ending this expensive war and is warning America that Obama is set on raising taxes. I guess when we are bleeding this much money it makes sense to him to leave taxes alone. Heck, let’s cut them and hand out even more rebates. So I guess that leaves us with doing the money dance. I hope McCain is a better dancer than Bush proved to be.

Boy Bits

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Is anyone else getting tired of all the spam emails and blog comments involving the size of boy bits?  Who is initiating all of this garbage and what gave them the ridiculous notion women would like their guy turned into a genital replica of the Empire State Building?  I’m sure it wasn’t I.  First off, epidurals aren’t available for marital acts.  Secondly, it seems if their members become too large to easily carry around it would be even harder to get them off the couch.


Friday, July 18th, 2008

I can’t think of a more unproductive emotion than being offended. What does it accomplish? It seems to give words or actions the power to immobilize you. “I’m offended.” Okay? So? What does one’s chosen take on words or a situation mean to the rest of us. Why should we care? Talk about a conversation killer. Where do you go from there?

I can handle someone disagreeing with me. A differing point of view gives the person on the receiving end somewhere to go. There is no residual feeling that I now have the extra duty of changing the person’s mind, though I may choose to try if I wish. With someone being offended there is an implication of mistreatment, a wrong that must be righted. It sounds so one sided, as if it is solely the fault of whoever initiated the words or actions. The ‘offended’ bears no responsibility in the outcome.

Honestly, I don’t remember ever being truly offended by something. I’m not even sure I know what it feels like. I’ve been turned off, angered, or puzzled by the words and actions of others. There has never been a need to drop the ‘O’ word, however. Perhaps the day will come where I decide, because I believe it is a decision, to make other people more responsible than myself for how much a message affects me. I hope not though.

Touch of Gray

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I saw a hair color product for men advertised the other day. It’s called “Touch of Gray.” It lets men keep some of their gray while coloring away what they don’t want. Can you imagine the outcry if a woman’s hair color product left a touch of gray? Even an errant strand sticking up all wiry and white makes me upset. How is it that men have been able to associate gray with being distinguished while hag comes to mind for women? It’s not fair and I suspect women have played a significant role in both. We’ve allowed men to feel great about aging while denying ourselves the same courtesy. My grandmother died a brunette in her late 90’s. I suspect I will follow suit. Ladies, ladies, ladies what on earth have we done to ourselves?

If McCain Is Elected

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

If McCain is elected we will go from a president who was the butt of jokes to a president who sounds like a butt because of his jokes.  Care for a cigarette, John?  Not funny is it.  I hope the potential future leader of the free world can put his stand-up routine on the back burner for the next 4-8 years if need be.

Lost and Found

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

I’ve lost lots of things in my lifetime: innocence, watches, pens, my way, my sanity. It’s hard, especially when you are young, to hold on to things you might need or find dear to you down the road. Carelessness is one reason. Another is the failure to recognize the value in protecting what you have.

Most of what is lost along the way is gone for good. Occasionally a rare gift presents itself and you find yourself once again in possession of something you thought you’d never have again. My gift came just about a year ago. I had this friend, you see. We were pretty close in college and did all sorts of things together. After college we hit a few bumps. Nothing major. Mostly silly stuff actually. There were a few minor misunderstandings and somehow we disappeared from each other’s life. There was no catastrophic fallout. We both simply shrugged our shoulders and stopped putting time and effort into our friendship. It took time to pass before we started to realize we had lost something of value. By then we hadn’t a clue where the other was and it seemed our friendship would be one of those lost items that never makes its way to a found box.

Our friendship beat the odds and was found again, however. A MySpace account I created on a whim and a MySpace people search she did for the heck of it brought us back together. Over the past year we have had the good fortune of sharing life’s experiences, good and bad, again. We missed a lot before. I feel so blessed not to have to miss anymore. This time around we have the advantage of maturity and lessons learned. When something special that was lost has been found, only a foolish person would risk misplacing it again. This time around I am going to keep a watchful eye. This time around I’m going to keep it safe and well cared for. I have to. She reads this blog and can call me out if I don’t.

It’s Hard To Say…

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

My Grandfather recently had a health scare that had us all wondering if our time with him might be nearing its end. This is the man who has done more for me and held more of my heart than any other. He was the one who filled in the holes of a fatherless childhood. He was the great protector and provider. Many of the bits of wisdom he passed down over the years are part of my decision making process to this day. As much as I care for him, we have never really discussed anything remotely emotional. Conversation pieces have been the economy, history and the weather. Touchy-feely stuff has been off limits.

The thought of how close we came to losing him created a giant need in me to tell him all sorts of things I’ve been carrying in my heart for years. I’ve never been good at admitting how much people mean to me though. I don’t know if it is a fear of rejection or a concern over appearing silly, but I would much rather show someone how I feel with gestures as opposed to words. Gestures weren’t going to cut it this time, however. I needed to be sure there was no doubt of how much I love and appreciate him. Because I was too scared to tell him in person, I wrote a long letter full of all sorts of confessions and stuck it in the mail. There were a few times I almost ran out to the mailbox to snatch the letter before the postman came. I didn’t though. I knew I’d hate myself if I chickened out. My Grandpa is definitely worth any potential embarrassment on my part.

A few days ago I hopped in the car to visit my Grandpa. He seems to be doing better and casually mentioned “the nice letter” I sent him. He also let me know to expect a reply in the mail. Guess he didn’t want to get all gooey in person any more than I did.  I don’t know for sure what his letter will say, but I have a feeling it is one I will hold onto forever. Why it took me so long to tell my Grandpa how I feel about him I’ll never know. I’m just so darn relieved I pushed myself to put pen to paper while there was still time. No regrets. That should always be the goal, don’t ya think?