Wheely Annoying

When they first came out with shoes that double as roller skates I thought how cool. Kids must find them to be incredibly fun. I also imagined kids getting more exercise and fresh air as it would encourage them to wheel all over the place. Now that some time has passed, I’m less enthusiastic. My fickle side comes through. The masses of youth wheeling through the malls, grocery stores and parking lots are nothing short of disastrous. I am forever dodging pimply faced speed demons wheeling through life without care or concern. The real catch is one minute the kid is walking at a snail’s pace only to suddenly shift into overdrive and zoom forward. Attempting to predict another’s path or destination is nearly impossible. Part of me wonders if it wouldn’t make more sense to let the kids skateboard everywhere. At least you can hear those wheels coming before you find yourself entangled. My biggest fear is I will accidentally hit one of these rolling nightmares while backing out of a parking space. Though I wouldn’t mind crushing the shoes, I’d never get over hurting a child. The fact it wouldn’t be my fault would be little consolation.

3 Responses to “Wheely Annoying”

  1. reeveslady says:

    I always wonder how they can keep their balance wheeling around on their heels.

  2. Holly says:

    I hate those things. I know store try their best to put up signs banning them, but when parents buy them for their kids, they should lay down the law as to when it’s appropriate to use them.
    My 8-yr old nephew (who is a brat because his parents get him everything and let him do whatever he pleases) just got heelies. When I asked him if he was going to refrain from zooming around places like stores when little old ladies can get knocked down, he replied “No way! That’s what I am getting them for!”
    Apparently, wheeling around shiney supermarket floors making people jump out of your way is cool.

  3. Amsterdamn says:

    Hey, an elbow to the nose is only temporary pain, but makes a nice point. “Oh, I’m sorry lil’ fella, I din’ see ya!, here, let me help you up…”