Same Old Story

With all of the media outlets to turn to for information about our world, it is amazing to me they all seem to cover the exact same stories. Without fail the local, network and cable news centers are running identical content within seconds of one another. If you flip the through the channels, the only difference is the face and voice of the individual delivering the information. We don’t really have a choice of what information we’d like to hear, simply what talking head from what angle best suits our taste.

How sad the human exist has become so boring and uneventful there are only a handful of subjects to talk about anymore. With billions of people on this planet, there is barely enough content to fill 35 minutes of cable news without starting the feed queu all over again. Let’s not forget the poor local channels. If international outlets are hard pressed for stories, how is a local news crew to fill 30 minutes of air time when limited by a population of a few hundred thousand? Thank goodness for commercials and the countless number of murders, celebrity embarrassments and heart stopping catastrophes happening to people in other areas of the country that can be used as filler when the local scene is at a standstill. I mean, what is there to report if not humanity at its worst?  Perhaps we all owe Paris Hilton a thank you afterall?
Until even more people get with the program and turn into murderers or idiots, we may find the slump in the news will continue. With such a shortage of viable stories to report, can we really fault the news outlets for creating their own stories? If they didn’t step up and ‘wag the dog,’ we would be stuck watching commercials non-stop. Or worse, they might have to rely on reporting human interest or feel good stories. The types of things that give us the false sense the world might be an okay place after all. Freedom of the press, as you can see, is vital to keeping us realistic about the nasty place this world is as well as keeping us supplied with the addictive negativity we crave.

I shouldn’t be so critical. There is a bright spot in all of this. I think we all should take a moment to thank our politicians for actually taking action on this very important issue. Sure, they may have dropped the ball on fuel, fresh water, military and funding shortages. They do, however, seem to realize how devastating it would be to our nation to find ourselves without sources for the type of content our news outlets rely on for their very survival. I feel safe in predicting they will not let us down. Viable news stories to report may be in short supply, but the trusted men and women of our legislature will not allow them to become extinct.

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