Sticks & Stones

Why does anyone even bother to listen to or reason with Ann Coulter? Such a waste of time. Elizabeth Edwards has a much more important disease to focus on fighting right now. The cancer that is Ann Coulter has reached its critical mass and will hopefully begin to die out on its own. Ann will eventually succeed in destroying herself. Giving any additional attention to that malignant mouthpiece at this point is simply extending her time in the spotlight. I say unscrew the bulb and let’s all have a good night.

7 Responses to “Sticks & Stones”

  1. Steven Fenger says:

    She’s hot! :)

  2. lisa says:

    Is she really hot? Heck, I might be better looking than I’ve been giving myself credit for.

  3. Steven Fenger says:

    Not really. Rather horse-faced, I’d say. But she is blond, thin, and has a (relatively) big chest, so she does have a following on the Internet. She is female, comparatively young, and wears provocative clothing which certainly makes her stand out from the other Republican mouthpieces.

    I would say something about how you look, but your husband might come over and beat me up. Of course you have been letting yourself go lately. You’ve really been putting on the weight….

  4. lisa says:

    Ha! Ha! I know. It’s really getting hard to get around me in the grocery aisle.

  5. Holly says:

    HA! I want to see some preggo pics!!!

    I can’t STAND Ann Coulter.

  6. Amsterdamn says:

    Ann Coulter is so revolting, I would not, could not, never ever, even with a bag over her head, and a bag over mine, in the dark, in the park, with a fox, on a box, eating lox….etc….

  7. Fuchsia says:

    good riddance!