Seen and not heard…

Remember the old saying “children should be seen and not heard?” Well, I personally don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. I love hearing my daughter’s take on her world. I do, however, believe the saying can and should be updated to suit more modern needs.


All of the commercials for toys this year seem to talk and think for your kids. I, for one, would love for Dora to get a mean case of laryngitis. My 19 month old daughter believes most of her toys are ‘broken’. You know what? It doesn’t bother her one bit to play without her toys buzzing and squawking at her. Makes for a happy mommy too.

One Response to “Seen and not heard…”

  1. Holly says:

    LOL! I think it’s funny that Andrew is not so into the noisy toys yet. I wish I could prevent him from ever getting into them. So many of them don’t have volume control. And this “giggling octopus” and Tickle Me Elmo might both end up in the attic when the wife isn’t looking.