Lost and Found

I’ve lost lots of things in my lifetime: innocence, watches, pens, my way, my sanity. It’s hard, especially when you are young, to hold on to things you might need or find dear to you down the road. Carelessness is one reason. Another is the failure to recognize the value in protecting what you have.

Most of what is lost along the way is gone for good. Occasionally a rare gift presents itself and you find yourself once again in possession of something you thought you’d never have again. My gift came just about a year ago. I had this friend, you see. We were pretty close in college and did all sorts of things together. After college we hit a few bumps. Nothing major. Mostly silly stuff actually. There were a few minor misunderstandings and somehow we disappeared from each other’s life. There was no catastrophic fallout. We both simply shrugged our shoulders and stopped putting time and effort into our friendship. It took time to pass before we started to realize we had lost something of value. By then we hadn’t a clue where the other was and it seemed our friendship would be one of those lost items that never makes its way to a found box.

Our friendship beat the odds and was found again, however. A MySpace account I created on a whim and a MySpace people search she did for the heck of it brought us back together. Over the past year we have had the good fortune of sharing life’s experiences, good and bad, again. We missed a lot before. I feel so blessed not to have to miss anymore. This time around we have the advantage of maturity and lessons learned. When something special that was lost has been found, only a foolish person would risk misplacing it again. This time around I am going to keep a watchful eye. This time around I’m going to keep it safe and well cared for. I have to. She reads this blog and can call me out if I don’t.

One Response to “Lost and Found”

  1. Brenda says:

    I’m honored to be the subject of one of your blogs. I won’t be misplacing you again either 😉