Isn’t It A Given?

With all the garbage politicians have to go through to win an election, doesn’t it stand to reason one would have to be nuts, egotistical or power hungry to even consider running?  Why pick them apart and act surprised to find any of these qualities?  I can’t imagine a fully sane and rational person with nothing more than a love of country and a will to serve going through the tabloid style nonsense.  Not to mention the expense of all the balm necessary to prevent chapped lips from excessive arse kissing.  Americans have created an environment where the type of individual we want sitting in the Oval Office likely has no interest in the dance involved.  We need to accept that fact and deal with the consequences appropriately.  We aren’t going to find a solution to all of our problems on a November ballot.  We are going to have to get more involved in the daily actions of our elected officials.  We’re going to have to do a better job of monitoring those who are supposed to be representing our interests to make sure that is what is indeed happening.

4 Responses to “Isn’t It A Given?”

  1. Tricia says:

    Agreed, and in addition to civic responsibility I also think we have to monitor our actions as consumers. That we spend our time and our money purchasing the media scrutiny says a lot about our society. We like to stop and watch the car on the side of the road burst into flames. We like to create heroes and then we like to tear them down, watch them crash and burn.

  2. Kristin says:

    I second that. Why we love to see scandle in the white house is beyond me. I bet it looks crazy from an international point of view.

  3. lisa says:

    Tricia, you are so on the money with your comments. I couldn’t agree more.

    Kristin, I am afraid we do indeed look like a bunch of nut bags to some nations. The only comfort I feel is remembering the British rag mags when I traveled there a few years ago. We probably go neck and neck with them. Not sure about the rest of the world though.

  4. Jen says:

    I’ll just ditto Tricia.