Today We Remember

Today we remember our nation’s darkest day. Like most Americans, my heart is heavy. In honor of those lost on 9/11 I am leaving the television off. The endless parade of the events that claimed their lives 7 years ago doesn’t leave me mentally in the right place to truly want their loss to make a difference in this world. Pictures and video from that terrible day stir feelings of anger and a thirst for revenge. I don’t want that in my heart because I know it serves no purpose. What I want for those lost is a desire to make a more positive, accepting and harmonious world for their surviving children. They were taken from us by hatred. Protecting those they left behind from the same fate is essential. Tanks and fighter planes may help destroy those who seek to destroy us, but words, open ears, extended hands, open minds, compassionate hearts and an understanding we are all human with a desire to protect our own from what we view as harmful are much more powerful weapons in this important fight.

One Response to “Today We Remember”

  1. Cathy says:

    Agree, Lisa. I wanted to type out another entry about it, but my Internet went down for a few days. Probably a good thing – I was ready to shoot my mouth off again haha.