Yes & No

My husband is solely responsible for the bread machine in our house. He is the one who wanted it so badly. It is up to him to populate our pantry with loaves of goodness. Well, he often mixes up the measuring spoons when tossing in ingredients. Doing so throws an entire batch off. His solution? My plastic teaspoon is now marked with a giant ‘YES’ and my 1/2 tablespoon is now marked with a giant ‘NO’. Brilliant. He has found a way to end the cycle of repeat mistakes. Anyone who knows him and is reading this is likely shaking their heads knowing this is totally a ‘Steve’ thing to do.

I wish more people were like my husband and could recognize when cue cards might be necessary to quit doing the wrong thing over and over. Think how much more pleasant life would be if more folks got on board with ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ reminders. Britney could embroider her panties with YES in glitter. Pam Anderson could hang a picture on her refrigerator of a wedding chapel with a giant NO sign placed at the doorway. Politicians could tape signs to their bathroom mirrors “Truth – Yes” & “Lies – No” to review while brushing their teeth every morning. I doubt it will ever happen. Nice to dream though.

2 Responses to “Yes & No”

  1. Tricia says:

    I like this dream, a lot. I can think of several cue cards I should make for myself.

  2. Kim says: