Politically Correct

We have a nation focused on being politically correct. Thing is, politically correct is something applied to the spoken or written word. It doesn’t touch the mind. Just because people aren’t saying things doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking them. I’m beginning to question if the push to be politically correct is hampering our nation from seeing where our challenges still exist. We can’t repair what is under the surface if we aren’t encouraging it to be expressed. Many feel we are fine as a nation in terms of race, gender and age because you just don’t hear some of the garbage of yore. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still there. That doesn’t mean those who don’t believe what our society pressures them to say out loud aren’t using their beliefs to undermine progress.

The presidential election has created an interesting situation. We have a woman, a senior citizen and a black man front and center. Comments are seeping out that could be viewed as sexist, ageist or racist. Those commenting are subject to public scoldings and censorship. I wish this weren’t the case. Even if it is rude or tacky, people need to hear and understand the reality of others’ beliefs. We can’t keep living in la-la land for the sake of our delicate sensibilities.  Protecting feelings at the expense of masking hateful views gets us no where. We can’t attempt to change an opinion we aren’t aware exists. Denial generally serves no purpose.  What good is a nation that sounds civilized and fair if it is just a show of carefully placed words?

4 Responses to “Politically Correct”

  1. Holly says:

    What I meant to say in that comment is that maybe we are only uber/over/ultra PC when it suits us?

  2. lisa says:

    Holly, I love Jon Stewart. Thanks for the link. Priceless. Made my night. I agree many pick and choose when it matters.

  3. Jen says:

    Couldn’t agree more.