Somebody Stop Me

I’ve put it off too long.  My hair is overgrown and my color is a mess.  Today just had to be ‘the one’ where I woke up unable to stand it one second longer.  I swear I look like Albert Einstein.  Why do I do this?  Why can’t I be proactive and schedule appointments ahead of time with people I trust so I don’t get to this stage of desperation?  I’m about 30 minutes away from getting in the van and dropping by a walk-in salon at the mall.  I’ve gone that route before and always have been pissed at the results.  Yet, here I am ready to roll the dice again.  It’s better than plan ‘B’ which is me trimming what I can and having my husband massage a color product into my hair.  Gone that route before too.  I had brown swirls on my cheeks because my husband couldn’t seem to rub in the goo without pressing the hair against my skin.  Wish me luck.  At least I don’t expect to come out looking gorgeous.  It’s much easier to be satisfied when going into a process with low expectations.  Even bangs and a color that doesn’t resemble rust on a pipe is all it will take to ‘wow’ me today.  Man, I hope I’m wowed.  Somebody stop me.

4 Responses to “Somebody Stop Me”

  1. Tricia says:

    Oh no. Consider this a crisis intervention. Stop. Now. Are you stopped? I’ve done that frustrated, jump in the car thing too. Stand firm, avoid the mirror, wear a scarf, what ever it takes to keep you in check until you can get an appointment with someone you trust.

    And here are some words of wisdom from your hair’s mentor (ha ha)

    Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them–Albert Einstein

  2. lisa says:

    Tricia, your quote killed me! Hilarious and so true. I definitely wasn’t a genius today. I went for it and need I say I wasn’t wowed?

  3. Tricia says:

    On second thought, maybe this is actually a preventative measure. Since I suspect you’ve also been buried in the news, an un-wowing outcome may be a good thing. Maybe I’ll head for a walk-in salon so I’ll spend less time scouring media outlets and more time in the bathroom trying to figure out how to fix the hairdo. Hummm, you may be a genius after all :o)

  4. lisa says:

    LOL, Tricia! It’s true. I have been in the mirror trying to wish away the outcome more than I’ve been combing through headlines. Although, if we keep watching the news we’ll pull out all of our hair and save a fortune on cuts and colors!