Not Yet

I know when someone does something crappy and apologizes it is best to accept the apology and move on.  As a fan of peace and harmony I usually don’t like to drag things out too long.  If the “I’m sorry” is sincere, that is typically enough.  There are times when I feel like being mad for a bit, however.  It’s this inner need to give whatever assinine word or gesture that occurred its due attention.  When apologies come immediately, it’s like you are stripped of the chance to enjoy a full blown moment of pissed-off-tivity.  It doesn’t seem fair to subject someone to stupidity and not allow a chunk of time for them to shove things around violently while muttering all the jungle animals you are likely kin to.  The very act of furiously cleaning my house is a crucial step in the process to closure.  I need that experience to be able to embrace the apology and truly move past whatever happened.

So, to the person who screwed up today, I appreciate your apology.  I will eventually forgive you.  Just, not yet.

One Response to “Not Yet”

  1. Tricia says:

    Blogging helps, too.

    I’m with you, plus when an apology comes too quickly, I wonder if it’s genuine and thoughtful or simply a means to an end. Either way, I sometimes need that house cleansing release of anger and moment of pissed-off-tivity (I think you may coin a new term here)

    Wishing you and the person who screwed up a happy end to the weekend.