Garlic Breath

My husband taught me to love garlic. Before we got married, I despised the stuff. Of course, I was buying it minced in a jar and thought that was the best garlic could be. Steve showed me the light. He introduced me to fresh cloves of ecstasy. Now I cook with it all of the time. I’m not quite the fan my mother in law is, who would probably choose a clove warmed in a microwave over a piece of candy. I’m gaining on her though.

Now that I’ve made garlic a regular part of my world, I often wonder if my breath is being kind to others. The trouble with garlic eaters is we have no idea how much evidence of our indulgence is hanging around after the fact. I worry I might have a garlic debris field radiating from me like the dust zone pulsing off of my favorite Peanut, Pigpen. Such a shame something so tasty and so good for you has such unpleasant consequences. It’s pretty well accepted eating garlic has many benefits. Funny how garlic breath is greeted with jeers instead of back pats for choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Garlic lovers of the world can find comfort in the fact they are not alone. Often people who choose to do what is good are faced with the unpleasant. With exercise comes sweat. With frugality comes less fun. In the end, we must do what is right and good for us in the long run and find a way to accept we may not always be able to please others.

2 Responses to “Garlic Breath”

  1. reeveslady says:

    P.U.! No, just kidding–hee-hee! I love fresh garlic myself. And my house constantly smells of Indian food, another quite tasty but very distinctive smell.

    Happy eating!

  2. Jules says:

    I look at garlic and I see a tasty addition to tonights dinner. Lisa looks a garlic and sees a life lesson :) You’re awesome!